N105-2: Preparing a Grant Proposal (Non-Profit) (Coming January 2022)

This webinar, N105-2: Preparing a Grant Proposal, is designed to explore the framework for a solid grant proposal which requires key components that tell a story about the organization applying for the grant.

nRecovery · October 3, 2021

The Grant Writing Clinic module consists of a series of webinars that provide in-depth training of the grant writing process. Concrete illustrations are utilized that provide participants with the information and concept of how to implement a more effective grant writing and development process. Participants are equipped with the information and training to prepare a government grant, understand the key components of a grant proposal, search for grants that meet organizational needs and prepare a budget. The content of this module is presented in a series of four webinars.

Non-Profit Capacity Building Curriculum: A program of study designed to provide start-up and emerging non-profit organizations with the knowledge and skills necessary to increase an organization’s sustainability and effectiveness, enhance its ability to provide quality services, and create collaborative partnerships. The series of webinars examines a variety of topics that focus on leadership development, organizational development, program development, public policy and community engagement.

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