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Nov 5

Intimacy & Resilience: Create Safety for Deeper Connection

November 5, 2023 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm GMT-0500

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Do you have triggers that get in the way of feeling open, receptive and connected?

Do you find your defenses at times create a wall between you and those you love, diminishing the connection, nourishment and ease you experience?

This is something I continue to work with myself.

**I would like to share a powerful process that has helped me and hundreds of clients feel safer, more resourced and more available for nourishing intimacy.**

**What to expect:**

In this 2 hour, virtual interactive workshop …

* We will explore how nervous system regulation impacts intimacy.

* I will share a bit about my own journey of cultivating resilience in my nervous system to overcome a core wound which was keeping me from feeling a deeper connection with others in my life.

* We’ll create a sacred space for honest reflection and sharing. You will have the opportunity to uncover one of your own patterns, and share it with attentive listeners to feel seen and heard. And then provide compassionate presence to receive other’s authentic shares.

* We will tap into resources of the hive mind, sharing and being inspired by tools that help you feel resilient to reveal your true self.

* And **I will guide you in a powerful healing process you can do at home anytime to help you cultivate more safety, well being and resiliency.**

* Finally, you will have time to share your experience, integrate your learnings and share takeaways.

As an added bonus, those who are on the call live will have an **opportunity to win a free Healthy Attachment Re-Patterning™ session** with me to do a deeper layer of healing on a core relational wound to access greater freedom and aliveness.

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**Client Testimonials:**

*“**The power of Brynn’s body-centered healing modalities has helped me in ways that years of standard, couple, and group therapies did not.** Her unique approach and presence provided healing to the emotional blockages that were inhibiting my ability to connect to deep, sustained love, intimacy, and companionship.”*
*– Mark*

*“**My work with Brynn is changing my life!** I am **much happier being in my own skin.** I feel **more alive and confident**. I have even been able to take action and move forward towards things I want in my life – both in terms of **attracting a partner** and a business venture**!**”*
*– Patty*

*“**I began working with Brynn because I was feeling stuck emotionally with myself and with my partner.** Personally I’ve done a lot of different work over decades: traditional talk therapy, CBT, DBT, Yoga, you name it. It’s been incredible working with Brynn. **She has helped to accelerate getting unstuck and address some deep wounds**. **The support she provides during and post session are incredibly valuable and unique to working with her.** Also when it comes to **supporting one person individually and then a couple together**, she really makes the process comfortable for all – and again results are much faster than I have experienced in traditional settings. I can now communicate my needs and wants better with my partner. **Brynn has provided so many really actionable tools for me to use in my day to day to strengthen my relationships in a positive way.”***
*- Anna*

During these times of collective trauma, it is more important than ever to have tools to regulate our nervous systems and increase our resiliency.

I hope you will join us to learn one of the most powerful tools to not only calm your triggers, but also heal the source of them, so that you can feel safer, more relaxed, more embodied, and more available for nourishing connection.

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All who register will receive a link to the replay within 24 hours.

**About your facilitator:**

**Brynn Bishop** is a Trauma-Informed Intimacy Coach, Tantra Educator and Attachment Rewiring Specialist. She guides **individuals** in catalyzing their self-love and releasing sexual shame and relationship anxiety, so they can experience greater liberation, ease, connection, joy and pleasure. Brynn empowers **couples** to enhance their emotional connection and erotic attunement through soulful practices and playful explorations so they can feel truly honored, appreciated, nourished and fulfilled. [](

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November 5, 2023
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm GMT-0500
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