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  1. The Manhood Tree: Introduction and Purpose
  2. The Manhood Tree Group Rules
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  3. Session 1: Your Roots
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  4. Session 2: Neighborhood
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  5. Session 3: Boyhood
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  6. Session 4: Teen and Young Adulthood
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  7. Session 5: Relationships
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  8. Session 6: Brotherhood
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  9. Session 7: Fatherhood
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  10. Session 8: Manhood
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  11. Session 9: Graduation
  12. The Manhood Tree Survey
  13. Additional Resources
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Meditation: Boyhood

hey October 9, 2021
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Close your eyes and think about the neighborhoods you have lived in throughout your life. Connect with the feelings each neighborhood gives you. When you were a boy how did your neighborhood support you? Did you feel like you were a part of that community?

What does home feel like to you? Does your neighborhood wrap around you and make you feel safe? Are you a part of the neighborhood or just visiting? Take a moment and think about all the interactions you have had over the years in your neighborhood. Who are the people who helped you most? Say their names out loud as a sign of respect.

As you have gotten older, what have you looked for in a neighborhood? How have you given yourself the peace you deserve after working each day. Think about the benefits of your neighborhood and what it has given to you. Feel the relationships and familiarity of the streets, people and landmarks.

What do you have to give that will improve your neighborhood? It is easy to talk down but to take action is another story. If you aren’t satisfied with your neighborhood, what are you willing to do to help it change. Decide right now that you will do one small thing that will lead to a positive change in your neighborhood. You have the ability to make an impact on your neighborhood in a positive way. You can start something, do something and be someone for those who are coming up behind you.

Imagine before we go your ideal neighborhood. Come up with as much detail as possible.
Are you willing to share?