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Improving Your Self Esteem

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  1. Self-Confidence vs Self-Esteem vs Self-Efficacy

    What is confidence?
  2. Self-esteem
  3. Self-efficacy
  4. How to Determine How Confident You Appear to Others
    Find Out How Confident You Appear to Others
  5. Evaluate Current Strengths and Problem Areas
    Achievement log
  6. Set Goals to Improve Your Confidence
    (SMART) goals
  7. Build Self-Confidence by Practicing the Basics
    Change Your Body Language
  8. Dress Smart
  9. Manage Your Mental Attitude
  10. Stop Comparing Yourself
  11. Learn Everything You can about Your Profession
  12. Practical challenges
  13. Take Risks Once You've Gained Enough Self confidence
    Building on your self esteem
  14. Start Benefitting From Greater Self-Confidence Today
    Create Personal Boundaries
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Building on your self esteem

hey December 15, 2020

Like me, you may find yourself in uncomfortable situations as you’re learning how to become more confident. It’s nerve-wracking to put yourself out there. You might be second guessing yourself, afraid that you’ll do or say something to embarrass yourself.

Don’t worry; in most cases no one will notice that you’re unsure of yourself. 

For one, people aren’t mind readers, and in reality, many of them are too busy worrying about how they come across. Just keep building on your self-confidence using the tips above until you reach the point where you don’t have to think about them too much.