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Improving Your Self Esteem

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  1. Self-Confidence vs Self-Esteem vs Self-Efficacy

    What is confidence?
  2. Self-esteem
  3. Self-efficacy
  4. How to Determine How Confident You Appear to Others
    Find Out How Confident You Appear to Others
  5. Evaluate Current Strengths and Problem Areas
    Achievement log
  6. Set Goals to Improve Your Confidence
    (SMART) goals
  7. Build Self-Confidence by Practicing the Basics
    Change Your Body Language
  8. Dress Smart
  9. Manage Your Mental Attitude
  10. Stop Comparing Yourself
  11. Learn Everything You can about Your Profession
  12. Practical challenges
  13. Take Risks Once You've Gained Enough Self confidence
    Building on your self esteem
  14. Start Benefitting From Greater Self-Confidence Today
    Create Personal Boundaries
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What is confidence?

hey December 15, 2020

What is confidence? Self-confidence is often used interchangeably with self-esteem, self-belief and sometimes with self-efficacy. Before you go through the rest of this tutorial, it’s important you understand the difference among these terms.

Self-confidence is trusting your own abilities, capacities, and judgment. Self-confident people know they can rise up to the task at hand.

We see confidence in others based on how they talk and act. Think of the confident people you know, you can’t drill inside their brains to know what they think of themselves but you think they’re confident anyway because of how they portray themselves to the world.